Optum and Margate Bring APCs to Residents

Margate Health and Rehabilitation Center Finds Success with Optum Partnership

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the lives of Americans. At Margate Health and Rehabilitation Center, care comes first, which means it is vitally important that we maintain quality and consistency even when things are hard, stressful, and chaotic. Luckily, our partnership with Optum has not only enabled us to meet our high standards amid the pandemic, but also exceed levels of care for our patients and improve the working conditions for our clinicians and staff members.

With the help of Optum, Margate has brought on advanced practice clinicians (APCs) to assist members and staff in their ongoing care efforts. These nurse practitioners and physician assistants bring added expertise and an extra set of hands, reducing the need for long-term hospitalizations or trips to the emergency room. Most notably, Optum was able to provide these resources in half the time it would normally take, which is a testament to the strong partnership we have had with them over the last five years.

What has Margate accomplished during the pandemic?

To ensure quality and consistency, Optum worked with every Margate physician, which allowed residents to keep their doctors. That level of trust and treatment goes a long way in helping people feel safe during uncertain times. Not only did residents enjoy their normal level of care, but they also received an additional level of care during a time when healthcare resources are often stretched to the brink. Throughout 2020, the Margate Medical team – with help from the APCs placed by Optum – kept residents out of the hospital by providing an extra level of treatment that identified illnesses or conditions before they became serious enough to require hospitalization.

What does an advanced practice clinician do?

Nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants perform a wide variety of tasks, including ordering lab tests, prescribing medication, managing treatment plans, and diagnosing disease. At Margate specifically, the APCs help close the care coordination gap by providing an added layer of knowledge and experience to the medical team. As the COVID-19 pandemic exploded, they practiced preventative care to keep people out of the hospital, and they also provided digital tools like telemedicine to ensure that residents had access to a wide variety of healthcare resources.

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